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Take care of your website. Do backups

Take care of your website. Do backups

Web owners worst nightmare!

The Story, or should I say can be your worst nightmare if you are not serious about web site maintenance :

John Doe has an e-commerce website. Just updated new products, holidays are near and the owner is hoping to achieve desired profits and forcasting increase in sales. Just spent $1000 on design enhancements and have gotten a positive feedback on the improved website. Spent many hours making the prices of products competitive to competition. The web store owner handles all the inventory and do the tasks of updating the content, products and pricing by himself.

At 2200 hours he did the late night tweets and posted on his personal blog, letting all know how his website is doing and what are the attractions, which are coming and the discounts he is offering on many products. Switched off the laptop and went to sleep happy and positive about the growth of his online business. Woke up at 8-O-clock, switched on the laptop and the page, which opened up was not what he was expecting at all. He did a refresh, checked the internet twice but same result. Where his website was once is now a white page with just a line of text Hacker _____ own you and your site He is confused, frustrated, and angry thinking why him and why now. Who did it and if he knew and catches the guy he will ____ and ____ to him or her. But despite all that he wants the website back and fast. He calls the hosting company hoping, since they host the site, they will help. But after for half an hour on hold and listening to the music, offers, he finally got a rep on the line. The owner tells the rep his complete story and that his site got hacked and the rep tells him that he can have the backup up, which is a month or two old and might not work. Now the owner is thinking what about those design, and product changes which were done in this month and with the holiday season so near what would happen to all those sales predictions. After going through all the possible solutions, finally the web owner accepts that there is nothing he can do to salvage the loss. This is not a fiction or a story from a blog but a true story, which might be yours in the coming future.

So how not to have this nightmare?

Always have a backup, always be ready for the worst and a contingency plan, always be ahead of people (Hackers) who do this for fun or revenge, always try to close loopholes in application as well as on hosting server. If all this is too much for you while running and managing all the other daily tasks of life and business then hire the professionals who do this for living, the AKITS. Our web maintenance services are top notch and time tested.

We take the business of taking care of your website very seriously and professionally. we provide Regular backups (both files and DB) Search and close loopholes Strengthen your websites against XSS, code injections, SQL injections, and other vulnerabilities Monitor and minimize website downtime Regular audits of the website Alerts for intrusions and contacting the relevant ISP for action Using scripts, plugins and add-ons to ban IP, regions Enhancing the security for folders and proper use of permissions on folders as per requirements, without affecting site load time or functionality Intrusion detection system implementation and much much more No company or individual can guarantee 100% safety against a hack but the important this is to have the website back once it goes down with minimum data loss, that is our guarantee.

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