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TurnKey Web Services

At AKITS we provide full range of web solutions depending on the nature and requirement of the business by enabling businesses to optimize websites for specific business and customer needs and benefits. Our Web solutions include complete package, customized components and plug-ins.

Our turnkey web solutions include:

• Managed Hosting
• E – Commerce Solutions
• Website designing and development
• Shopping cart software
• Graphic designing
• Reporting and monitoring tools
• Gift certificate functionality
• Affiliate integration
• SEO optimization
• Paid Advertisement functionality
• Online Marketing Solutions

Web Development Process

Our website development process is as simple as it can get. You contact us and tell us your requirements. We convert that information into graphics form and send you two to three mock-up variations accordingly.

Once your approve the design after all the changes and tweaks, we move it into the HTML phase to give you a feel with the look.

You agree to the look and feel of the website by viewing a static version of your website or you suggest changes. Once we both are on the same page, we move it to the programming phase.

At this stage, we start developing the site in the programming frame work of your choice or according to the nature of the business on our prerogative. During this phase we keep on sending you the links to our staging serve for feedback as needed.

Once the site is complete and fully functional as per your requirements with your agreement. We move it to the live server of your choice and point your domain name to it.

Free Value Added Services on the go

The User Experience and User interface design, imagery, and HTML Layout decides how well your website will be indexed on search engines.

We make sure that your website is based on the best standard of the above stated phenomena, thus giving your website a kick start to search engine optimization.

Our Expertise

Why we are the right solution to your IT requirments

Cost Effective Solutions

By never compromising on quality of service and being extremely efficient, we provide you with winning and cost effective services. Our basic on page SEO service is free for all our customers when we are developing their website. We also suggest keywords/phrases absolutely free of cost.

Creative Marketing Solutions

We develop business success by planning advanced classification, deliberate promotion, resourceful tools, and publicity campaigns that make your business matchless, outstanding, and emergent. Find out in what way we can aid your business ideas and dreams become a reality.


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